Kate and Leopold on Toast

I get so excited when I sit down to watch TV for the evening and a good movie comes on because it can be a hit or miss. You either have perfect timing and it’s a good movie, or it is a fabulous movie and there is only 30 minuets left so its just a tease, or the worst alternative it’s a stupid unbearable movie. One of my favorite movies to come on at random is The Wedding Date, if you have not seen this movie don’t wait for it to come on the TV go out and rent it now.

The other night Kate and Leopold came on and I forgot just how much I love this movie. It has Hugh Jackman and Meg Ryan so obviously it would be good but it has a cute love story and I of course automatically love it.

I’m one of those people who’s cravings change with every scene and every meal the characters eat throughout the film. Leopold serves Kate toast with mascarpone cheese and strawberries one morning and I’ve been so envious of her since I first saw that toast. When I first saw the movie I thought it must have been a really exquisite toast because of the mascarpone, which I had no idea what it actually was. Now that I’ve been exposed to The Food Network, in college, I know what that is and when I saw this scene I knew I didn’t have to be envious anymore. Yes, I still need to find a way to get Leopold, which involves figuring out time travel, getting someone to follow me back into the future after I get to the past and the hardest of all jumping from the Brooklyn Bridge…luckily making this toast is easier.

Kate and Leopold Toast

Bread of your choice- 10 Grain is a suggestion.  Toast bread, let it cool then smear on mascarpone and top with sliced strawberries and a drizzle of honey.

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Gettin’ Down and Gritty With The South

What is more southern than shrimp and grits?  Nothing is right.  And what better to finish off a shrimp and grits meal than with a key lime pie.  Nothing is right again.  I knew this had to be the first meal I made for the new roommates in Charleston.

I’ve only had a bite here or there of grits in my life time and I’m a fan but not a die hard one.  The recipe I used was a Bobby Flay recipe.  It was super easy and fast, and of course delicious.  You use lemon juice as the sauce and it balances so nicely with the sharp cheddar cheese grits. I’m becoming a more serious fan every day.

My friend gave me the key lime pie recipe and it is absolutely delicious.  I was hesitant about the meringue topping but it compliments the lime filling perfectly.  I don’t have my Kitchen Aid mixer with me because trying to get that thing on an airplane would’ve been ridiculous, so I whipped the egg whites by hand.  Even with help from my friend Becky, sadly I have to admit my arm was sore the next day. If I ever thought Julie Child would’ve been proud of me for moments before I was wrong this was for sure the moment she approved of.  Also don’t wimp out and buy store bought crust, the homemade crust was well worth the extra effort.

Shrimp and Grits Recipe

Key Lime Pie Recipe from Kyle Heironimus

1 14oz can sweeten condensed milk
3 eggs
3 to 5oz of key lime juice
1/4 tsp vanilla extract
1/8 tsp cream of tartar
1/4 cup of sugar
1 pie crust (your choice)


1 1/2 cups graham cracker crumbs (10 crackers)
1/4 cup sugar
6 tbs (3/4 stick) unsalted butter, melted

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.

For the crust, combine the graham cracker crumbs, sugar, and butter in a bowl. Press into a 9-inch pie pan, making sure the sides and the bottom are an even thickness. Bake for 10 minutes until firm and golden. Allow to cool completely.

Separate 3 egg yolks from whites.  Save the whites for the meringue (make sure to get no yolk in the whites).
Wisk 3 egg yolks, sweeten condensed milk, and 3 to 5oz of key lime juice (to taste) in a bowl.  More than 5oz of key lime juice will not be good, so don’t do it.
Pour filling into pie crust.

Use egg beater on high to beat egg whites until they are foamy.
Add vanilla extract and cream of tartar and continue to beat egg whites.
Mix in sugar gradually while continuing to beat egg whites.
Beat egg whites until ridges form on the top.
Spoon meringue evenly onto top of filling in pie crust.

Put in oven at 350° for 15 minutes or until the meringue is golden brown on the tips.
Remove from oven and let cool down at room temperature for 30 minutes to 1 hour.
Refrigerate for at least 12 hours (24 is better).



The most important part about making grits is when you put the grits in the water.   You must stir out all the lumps then, otherwise they will be in there in the end.






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The Irish Compromising for Lent

Saint Patty’s Day is a great holiday for many reasons.  To name a few; the Irish car bombs, green beer, green eggs and ham, Irish music and of course corn beef and cabbage.   I was really excited to make some corn beef and cabbage today and put a post up about it when I realized its Friday aka meatless Friday because of lent. The always getting in the way meatless Friday meant corn beef was out.  I googled vegetarian Irish food and came across the common potato and leek soup and thought it looked very boring and more like something I would be eating if I was actually living in Ireland during the 15th century.  Then I stumbled upon a potato and leek gratin and I knew that was it.

This is an easy recipe with not too many ingredients and it is delicious.  It’s creamy and oniony because of the leeks and the Gruyere cheese puts it over the top.  This holiday is very special for Spartans because we are green so I find myself missing MSU more than usual. So I am happy to say that this gratin is so good that each bite will fill the void I feel for not being on Michigan State University’s campus for this holiday.

Potato Leek Gratin Recipe




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Life’s a Beach…in Charleston

I am no longer residing in Lapeer, Michigan…thank goodness.  Not that Lapeer isn’t lovely sometimes, but in these final winter months Michigan doesn’t show its best sides.  Dreary and cold is what you can expect, so having Charleston, South Carolina as my new home for the next few months, I was antsy to get out.

I borrowed a car from my family in New Hampshire, to use in Charleston, so my dad and I flew to New Hampshire and then he drove me to Washington DC.  I was nervous to check my bags, which I have good reason to be; I have the ultimate bag horror story. When all the flights looked pretty full, I knew the only option was to carry them all on.  We managed to get them through TSA and figured we could gate check them if we had to.  My plan was brilliant, except I forgot that it meant we would be carrying all of them ourselves.  Running from terminal A to C in the Detroit airport is awful.  It was worth it though when we were able to happily “pink tag” each bag so I knew they were safely below us. I was actually sore from carrying the duffle bags.

To make the 17 hour drive easier we split it up by stopping in Washington DC.  Once my dad and I got to DC we picked up my friends and took my dad directly to the airport where he flew back to Michigan.  Then we headed to get drinks.  I felt a little bad for my dad especially since the car is a stick and I was nervous, so he drove the whole eight hours that day…my dad is the best. My friend Becky and I drove the rest of the way from DC to Charleston the next day, and I only stalled once leaving the city.  I guess I’m better at driving a manual than I thought.

Upon arriving in Charleston I immediately felt like I fell into a Pat Conroy novel.  Driving from island to island over the marshes and ocean.  I shucked my first steamed oyster which is surprisingly satisfying to do.  I also embarrassingly tried Velveeta Skillets for the first time which was also pretty satisfying.

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Rolling in the Dough

I always have the intentions of writing a post while I’m flying but always fall asleep the minute we take off instead.  But at this moment I have been kicked off the plane for “weight restrictions” which is a concept I’ve become very familiar with, so I have a bit of time before the next flight.  So here is my story about pretzel rolls.

I love love love pretzels.  Whether they are soft pretzels or regular, sour dough, or butter braided they are delicious.  Northwest used to have the best butter braided pretzels on their flights and my sisters and I would make my dad bring them home every time he went on a trip.  Delta serves pretzels in the back, but the cookies they serve are more the talk of the cabin than the regular pretzels.  But what Delta lacks in pretzel snacks they make up for in pretzel rolls.  If you find yourself in first class on an international flight and it is that lucky day they are serving pretzel rolls you should do a happy dance.

I get nervous with anticipation as the breadbasket comes around to see if its one of those days and they are serving pretzel rolls.  They basically taste like soft pretzels but since it’s a roll it makes them so amazing. After my last flight where they served them I decided I had to make them.

This recipe is super easy and they turned out perfect!  Nice browned exterior with a soft light middle.  Eat them for breakfast with jam like my dad (weird I know) or as a burger bun or as a simple roll.  This is a much cheaper way to eat first class food :).

Pretzel Roll Recipe



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