The Southern Cheese Dip–Pimento Cheese

My sister came to Charleston, for her first time, this weekend to visit and I was so excited to give her the real Charleston experience.  That entails drinks on Shem Creek, visist to Sullivan’s Island, the beach, The Battery, Rainbow Row, Broad Street, shrimp and grits and of course pimento cheese.  Pimento cheese is a southern snack and it is delicious.  I knew when Kara was getting in on a late flight she would be hungry and this would be the prefect welcome snack.

Pimento cheese is a chunky dip that normally has cheddar cheese, mayonnaise and pimentos.  I found my recipe from The Glass Onion by Chef Sarah O’Kelley.  This version has mayo, pimentos, green onions, cayenne pepper, salt, paper and a dash of hot sauce.  It is the best pimento cheese I’ve had in Charleston yet.  It is the perfect consistency and full of flavor.

Pimento Cheese by The Glass Onion

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Formaggio Please?

When I think of gifts that people receive upon the return of friends and family when they travel I think of the ridiculous shirt that says “When my sister went to Florida all I got was this stupid T-shirt.”  It’s weird that I think this because I have never actually seen anyone wearing this shirt.  I’ve only seen it in touristy shops.  Luckily when my sister and future brother-in-law went to Italy I didn’t get a silly t-shirt I got the greatest gift ever…cheese.  They bought me a pecorino romano with black truffle flakes (please tell me you’re drooling).  So rich and slaty and literally perfect.  They raised the stakes pretty high for souvenir gifts.

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Wine Wendesday- Drinking with Friends

This wine Wednesday is about drinking with friends.  All of my best friends, well most of them, and family live in a different state than I do.  Ranging from Colorado to Texas or Ohio to California.  Skype has been a great tool for us to us to stay in touch.  One of our favorite things to do together is drink wine and catch up. We are doing the next best thing to actually being together, skype wine dates.  Grabbing a glass of wine and catching up via skype almost makes me forget I’m 1,700 miles from my friend in Denver.  

In honor of this week of drinking with friends we are drink Reunion wine.  It is a 2010 Malbec from Mendoza, Argentina.  It is delicious very dry and full flavored red.  The label is simple rustic and invtiting with the hand drawn table setting.  My roommates and I enjoyed this with a pizza made on a baquette with pesto, goat cheese, tomatoes, artichoke hearts topped with proscuitto.  The food and wine were so good, the bottle accidently got drank before the photo. Oops.

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Lowcountry Livin’

Lowcountry–is spelled correctly, that is not a typo so ignore the red squiggle under it.  It is an actual word down here in South Carolina.  It is the region along the coast including the Sea Islands; such as the more well known Sullivan’s Island, Folly Island and James Island.  In the lowcountry shrimp and grits are a staple food.  You can basically find it on any menu.  One item you don’t typically find is creole, because creole is a more typical Louisiana  staple.  But there is a little company in Charleston that is trying to make a name for South Carolina in creole.

Carolina creole is a sweeter sauce than typical creole but it is still packed with tons of spices and flavors.  When I first stuck a spoon in the jar and snuck a taste I literally had to say “wooh.”  The flavors merry and compliment each one so well that your taste buds breath is taken away.  I made it with the white rice and shrimp and I couldn’t stop eating it.  I made enough for a few dinners and ate it all in one sitting.

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Thirsty Thursday- IPA

I found a cool recipe for adding mixers to beer so I thought I would try it out.  This one calls for an IPA, campari and fresh orange juice.  I chose a Westbrook IPA because it is a local South Carolina brewery and it brews great beers.  I had never had campari before this and it taste almost like grapefruit, so it complimented the IPA perfectly.  This is without a doubt the perfect drink for some summer front porch happy hour sittin!  The instructions are pretty simple…

Take a big gulp.

Add equal parts campari and fresh orange juice; so I did a shot glass of each.

Poor into the beer and enjoy!


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