NSFW Cookies


I made cookies and cupcakes for the bachelorette party and some had to be inappropriate which means so were boobs, butts, and penises. I had to get creative with the heart cookie cutter for the boobs and butts because I couldn’t find one anywhere. I cut a can and shaped it into a heart; which actually worked out pretty well. I borrowed the penis cookie cutters from one of my friends—that would have been a little bit more difficult to make out of a can. I also made golf themed cupcakes because the bride-t0-be is marrying a pro golfer and is also a big golf fan! I used a special tip for the frosting, got edible pearls from the grocery store, and made the flags with toothpicks and paper. I carried the cupcakes, unfrosted, on the plane along with the fully done cookies. I checked my bag with the frosting and it was easy to put together once I was in Nashville.

If you don’t have inappropriate desserts and dance on the kitchen counter then it really isn’t a bachelorette party now is it?




IMG_3643 IMG_3651

Easter in Denver

I hope everyone had an great Easter! I went to sunrise service with my sister and brother-in-law at Red Rocks and it was beautiful. We left at 5:15 AM and did not get parked till about 6:30 AM; the drive should normally take 25 minuets. We had to park 1.1 miles away because the lots were full but luckily, as you can see from the picture, we were still able to see the sun rising! If you ever go, leave about 45 minutes earlier than you plan.

The rest of the day was filled with mimosas, babka, deviled eggs, Polish Easter borscht, smoked chicken thighs, smoked ribs, and raspberry lemon cheesecake tart.





Moving the borscht from one house to another was an interesting experience.


Kelsey Deviled Eggs Easter 223A4981

(Photo Credit: John Tagle)




The Bunny Hop

Happy Easter! I hope everyone had a day filled with sun, friends and of course a cadbury egg.


I put a little oil in the dye this year. The eggs looked like Yoshi eggs!


Take two on the cake. Turned out much better this year.

(Check out last years cake and you will see what I am talking about)

IMG_0581 IMG_0596

Henry was the Easter bunny.


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Three Birthdays For the Price of One

Like I have mentioned before in previous post February was filled with birthdays for me. This post starts with my sister’s birthday. A group of friends got together to surprise her …






We had drinks and appetizers at Humboldt – Farm – Fish – Wine. I really like this place and I really enjoy their oysters too. They have fresh shucked oysters that are from their own East coast farm. If you enjoy oysters go try them out.

Next was my dad’s birthday. Now his actual birthday was in December but he messed up his schedule so it was postponed till February…



I had some friends in town so before we headed to Copper Mountain for the birthday celebration we hit up some breweries. This is at Prost; one of my absolute favorites!


I made my dad Julia Child’s classic chocolate almond cake. Once again this cake didn’t disappoint. Julia knew what she was doing.


IMG_0359 IMG_0353

Last but not least it was my new roommate Eric’s birthday last Thursday. He has lived with me for a month now and does not want to move out; he might be a keeper. I made him German chocolate cake. Which is not actually from Germany but was created in the US in 1852 by a baker named Sam German. Eric knew this fact already; he is for sure a keeper…








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Happy Belated Birthday


My mom turned 60 on November 29th of last year. My sister and I brought her out to Denver to stay with us for a weekend to celebrate this grand birthday. With December being busy and the New Year sneaking up on me my mom’s birthday post somehow got pushed aside. But alas it gets the glory it deserves. I of course had to make a dessert and this time I picked cream puffs. It is a recipe I’ve made before, which I try to avoid and get creative,  but I knew it was a favorite of my moms. If you want to impress a crowd with a recipe that took you no time and barely any ingredients make these. Seriously look at how fancy these look.

Cream Puff Recipe

For the filling I just whipped up some cream and then melted dark chocolate chips for the drizzle.


This was what we had for our in-home birthday celebration but for our go out meal we went to Old Major. We had the winter squash soup, the squid, the ham and biscuits, smoked pork shank carbonara, the nose to tail plate, the cheesy anson mills grits, and the pork fat fries. I can barely breath just thinking about all this food. Everything was devine. The squash soup had so much flavor your taste buds screamed for more. The biscuits were light and fluffy in the ham and in biscuits and the cream eggy flavor was so rich in the carbonara. The nose to tail plate was like a treasure hunt and almost an experiment as we sat there urging each one of us to try the different kinds of meats.

We almost didn’t order the side of grits and boy oh boy I am glad we did. With out a doubt these were the best grits I have ever tasted. I am a midwest girl so that might not say much but I did live in South Carolina and tried all kinds of grits down there and the grits from Old Major are the big league. You took a bite and tasted the butter and felt the bits of grit texture and your month waits for the familiar heavy feeling that grits haveto come but wait it never does. These grits were like eating a pillow, or a cloud. Just amazing. Oh and I almost forgot about the pretzel bread and butter; so good.

The grits weren’t the only thing on the menu that was shockingly good but also the orange spice sorbet. We were so full we didn’t want to get anything heavy so my mom just ordered the sorbet to get just get “something.” It was incredible. Sweet, tart citrus flavor with an amazing sorbet crystallized texture.

Seriously just go. Run there now.



Winter Squash Soup


Smoked Pork Shank Carbonara




Nose to Tail Plate


Grits and Pork Fat Fries


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Post for Procrastinators

photo (20)

(Getting ready to put the rotisserie chicken on the grill)

The week of Thanksgiving is here and you are freaking out because you don’t know what to do with you sweet potatoes or you are sick of the traditional green bean casserole. Don’t fret I’ve got your back. I have the perfect different sweet potato recipe and a perfect simple green bean recipe that has as much flavor as the casserole.  Also if you are looking for a killer traditional apple pie recipe I’ve got that here for you too!

Family Thanksgiving happened on Saturday for me this year and my sister and brother-in-law had the newest addition to their family in attendance…Henry!! A giant schnauzer puppy! I’m in love. I don’t know what was better, food or hanging with Henry. Oh and the family time was good too.

Classic Apple Pie Recipe

One of the best apple pies I have ever had. It has lemon zest, as well as lemon, in it and it taste so fresh and crisp and delicious.

These green beans were amazing! They were the perfect green crunch you need with all the heavy potatos and gravy at Thanksgiving. They also had the same french onion flavor as a green bean casserole from the crispy shallots.
My dad thought this was the best sweet potato casserole he has ever had. Trust him it was that good. And its different because its savory.
(John killing it at the grill. As usual)

photo (18)

photo (19)

photo (17)


photo (16)

photo (15)

photo (13)

photo (12)

(This was my dad’s first lattice apple pie, if you can’t tell by his expression he was amazed)

photo (10)
photo (9)

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Fall, Fall, Fall

Cake Slice_MG_8534

I have yet to get in the kitchen and make any fall meal; savory or sweet. I am more than embarrassed I am ashamed. I have been so busy contributing for Denver Eater, working, and  moving (yes I am moving but not from Denver, just to a different part of Denver) that I let time slip by and now 12 days of fall have come and gone and pies, cakes, and squash have not come and gown with it.

Here are some fall recipes to hold you over till I post a new recipe.

Pumpkin Spice Cake with Pumpkin Cream Cheese Frosting (Pictured Above)

Pumpkin Swirl Bread


Pumpkin Muffins


Pumpkin Whoopie Pie

Kara Whoopie Pie_MG_8581

Fall Cream Puff

Cream Puff Edited IMG_5173

Thanksgiving Shepard Pie



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The End of An Era: Lowcountry Bites

photo (1)

I wrote my final column for The Island Eye news last week. Since I have been working with Denver Eater I decided it was time to close that chapter and move forward with this new one. It has been one year and a few weeks that I have been writing for the local newspaper and it was sad to type out my final piece. This was my first real food writing gig and I could not have enjoyed it more. I closed my column with a dark chocolate pudding recipe. Click here to read my column and get the recipe.

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