The End of An Era: Lowcountry Bites

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I wrote my final column for The Island Eye news last week. Since I have been working with Denver Eater I decided it was time to close that chapter and move forward with this new one. It has been one year and a few weeks that I have been writing for the local newspaper and it was sad to type out my final piece. This was my first real food writing gig and I could not have enjoyed it more. I closed my column with a dark chocolate pudding recipe. Click here to read my column and get the recipe.

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Lowcountry Bites: Chilled Heirloom Tomato Soup

I’m back!  The trip was amazing and I only had a little bit of standby traveling issues on the way home.  My friend Caitlin and I got stuck in Munich for a day, but thats all you get to know for now. I will post a blog for each city I was in.  I took 1,000 photos in 10 days so I am uploading and organizing so you have to be a little patient.  But in the mean time here is the link to my column about chilled heirloom tomato soup to hold you over till my post about Prague!  Here is a preview photo :)

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Lowcountry Bites – Peach Salsa

I can officially say that I am a columnist at The Island Eye News!  It is a bi-weekly, or published twice a month, publication that is sent out to some of the islands in the Charleston area.  My column is called Lowcountry Bites and each week has a write up and recipe.  My first story was about peach salsa and thought my readers here would enjoy the recipe as well.  Enjoy!

PS  You can consider yourself lucky that you are linking to the article from here.  Those who only saw it in the paper didn’t get the great color photo.

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