The Post About Phil; Oh and Barcelona


Barcelona was the final stop in Europe this summer. Phil and I gathered all our strength we had to get on that early morning flight from Madrid. Behind my tired and lets be honest hungover face I really did have a lot of excitement. Most of the people I had ever talked to about Spain had said Barcelona was their favorite place ,Phil included, so I was excited to see what the hype was about. Our Barcelona trip started out funny. I can say it was funny because of how it ended…let me explain. Phil is one of the best travelers I know; smart, likes to eat, packs well, easy going, the list goes on and on. But what Phil did on the flight to Barcelona was a rookie mistake. We took our seats; me at the window, Phil in the middle and and Dutch girl sat in the isle seat. I saw this hour and 20 minute flight as the only time I had to sleep. I needed to get a nap in, no a good nap, if I was going to make it through the day. We only have a day and a half in Barcelona so we have to hit the ground running. I put my sunglasses on immediately and closed my eyes. Phil instead decides to make friends with the girl next to him who talks so loud the pilot could hear. When we got off the place we went to the bathroom and when I came out he was rummaging through his backpack and then looks up in a pure panic and says, “I don’t have my passport.” Our worst fear. Earlier that morning I was asking Phil what would make him cry, you know typical travel conversation, and he said only if he lost his passport. Awesome.


He goes running back to the gate we think is ours and starts talking the gate agent. They aren’t helpful but do call down to the plane. She says its not in the seat pocket and Phil begins to sweat. He searches his bag again and mine and then walks away. I decide to just let him have his moment and I will just sit here. What else could I do? He then comes running back and tells me to grab our things because we are at the wrong gate. We had flown Vueling and there were about 10 gates with flights all leaving within the next hour so each were busy and easy to mistake for the one we had walked off of. Phil once again attempts to tell them about the lost passport and explain the situation. This gate agent is ever less helpful than the last. She says she can’t get on the plane and that they already called down and its not there. Phil is seriously panicking and pacing. He is even offering to buy a ticket at this point to Germany, where the plane is headed, just to get on the plane. The gate agent is not having it and suggest customer service. I decide I should go talk to the lady and maybe Phil’s aggressiveness, completely warranted, was putting her off and I could work my customer service magic. I simply ask if she herself can go down to the plane and take a look. She says no, like before, but then goes on to explain that since you have to take a bus to the plane she for sure can’t and directs me to customer service. This immediately raise a red flag. I told her “We didn’t take a bus we used the jet bridge is this the plane from Madrid?” We had been showing our boarding pass the entire time but now was when she tells us, “Oh its the next one.” Patience was starting to be lost. Phil jumps into action again. But once again the gate agent tells us its not there and that she can’t get on the plane. I decide again to take a step back and let Phil do his thing. He comes back over with a complete look of loss on his face. He is positive it is in his back seat pocket 12E. I decide maybe he should ask one of the people boarding because it sounds like the gate agents aren’t even trying. He goes up to a 40 something looking Spaniard and she is petrefied. At this point Phil basically looks like a terrorist. He is sweating through his shirt and shaking. I can’t believe he didn’t get arrested when he started talking to passengers. The lady was too scared to help but a German couple behind us was not. They had been sitting there waiting to get on the plane and over heard the situation. They said, “That is silly a passport is important, don’t worry if it is in 12E we will bring it up!” We watched them go down the jet bridge with our final straw of hope. Two minutes later the gate agent was walking up the ramp with the passport.

All of the above happened in about 30 minutes; I’m hoping that makes you feel a little more of the intensity that we were feeling. Phil also said later that he was more scared that his passport was gone than when he was robbed at gunpoint in college. Like I said it was intense.

There are three morals of this store: 1) there are still good people out there that will help 2) don’t fly Veuling 3) Don’t put your passport in the seat back pocket.


Our Barcelona day began an hour and half later than planned but with a pretty darn good story.

I am going to break down Barcelona into two categories: Sights and Food/Drink


Of course a major part of this section is going to be anything Gaudí since most of the major tourist attractions are his. Antoni Gaudí is an architect who used neo-Gothics art and oriental techniques and was part of the Modernista movement during the late 19th and 20th centuries. Below are pictures of one of his most famous pieces the Sagrada  Família that Gaudí began in 1883 and it is expected to be finished by 2026. We also visited the Park Güell which is another Gaudí spot and probably the most famous tourist pictures you have seen. We did not get to go into the area where the benches are because there wasn’t anymore available time that day so here is a tip, plan ahead if you want to go in. This is a new change that they are charging and monitoring the amount of people inside so keep that in mind. So either go and plan on coming back when you have made a reservation or get there early in the morning. We were still able to see a good amount of the architecture without actually going in.




Gaudí Apartments


THE BEACH!!!!!!! We only got about an hour at the beach because the weather was pretty rainy but it was a great hour!

   image image image

Castell de Montjuïc

image image imageimage

Exploring the Gothic Quarter


Walking down les Rambles



The go-to market in Barcelona is La Boqueria. La Boqueria seemed more like an actual market where you could go and buy groceries as well as get food so we walked around oohing and ahhing at the stands. One thing I found that stopped me in my tracks and I had to resist from buying multiples was a cone full of meat or as I like to call it prosciutto cotton candy. See picture below. I of course also had paella here. The pan pictured below was completely empty and was split between two—think that explains how it was.

imageimage image image image image image



Happy hour was never missed; one day was at a restaurant the other was casually on the streets.


Espit Chupitos was one of my most favorite places/things we did in Barcelona. Chupitos means shots and that is exactly what this place is. A shot bar; no tables or chairs but instead just a menu of about 200 different shots they have that are about two-three euros a piece. This is every 18 year old American girls dream—or nightmare. We started with the “Harry Potter” shot which is lit of fire and sparkles and then we also had the “Diablo” shot which they put alcohol around the shot in the shape of a cross and then lit on fire. It was so much fun. I could have stayed there and kept trying different ones all night. You have to be very careful but definitely do not miss it! Perfect for pregaming.

image image  image imageimage



Phil and I parted ways after a very authentic breakfast…at the airport McDonald’s. I will say though that I got toast with tomato pulp which was one of the things I really wanted to try before I left! McD’s always comes through. I hugged Phil goodbye and he headed to his Philly flight and me to my Minneapolis one.

Apparently Phil learned his lesson because I didn’t hear any stories about not having a passport to get through customs.

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Free in Madrid!



Spain! I had my freedom in Spain! My freedom to do what I wanted, better yet, EAT what I wanted. What do I have to say about Madrid? I was in love. The food, the architecture, the people, the food. We rented an apartment for five of us (Yellow building below) in a great location and for three nights it was $125 per person and the place was a palace. High ceilings with exposed wood beams—it was incredible. Also on a side note after writing this post I now know why I gained 10 pounds in three weeks…

Day 1: The first day was all about the tapas. I was with my two friends who had either lived in Madrid or visited so we were all about hitting their old stomping grounds. We first went to the Mercado San Miguel. Which as I told my friends and family is literally my heaven. To simply describe it, it is a fancy market. You can stop at each stand and get a tapa for 1-3 euros and then grab a glass of wine and walk around. I had oysters, salmon, cheese, cod, and meats. This became a daily stop for us. When my friends were finally able to drag me, out because I was promised we would return, we made our way to Museo del Jamon for beer. Which literally translates to ham museum. Interesting little spot. Next stop was El Tigre for, yes, more tapas. This place is like a divey place but a must for tourist. They say the way you can tell it is a good place by the amount of garbage on the floor. This place gets an A+.We had sandwiches and paella. Once we realized we were full and our two other friends were arriving shortly and had to let them into the apartment we decided  we should go home and have more tapas and more wine. I told you the first day was about the tapas. We ended our night at a bar called Taberna Lamiak. If you visit Madrid you should check it out—chill place.



 IMG_1778 IMG_1775 IMG_1774

IMG_1782IMG_1783  IMG_1785

IMG_1787 IMG_1786 IMG_1793

Day 2: Allison and I got up and let the others sleep. We went and saw the the Royal Palace of Madrid and walked around that area. We stopped for breakfast and had café con leche and toast with eggs. We then quickly stopped buy the store to pick up some necessities for our visit to the park. We spent a few hours on a blanket in Parque del Retiro sipping on champagne, eating jamon, and cheese. It was a perfect July 4th in Madrid. Phil and I decided it also was a must to have a hot dog since it was the 4th and we are American. We then took a boat ride on the lake, Estanque del Retiro. I would totally suggest it. Not too expensive only about 8 euros and super fun. We made our way back home and of course stopped at Mercado San Miguel on the way and Chocolateria San Gines for some classic churros. The chocolate was rich not too sweet chocolate and the churros was buttery and warm. They paired perfectly and I really liked it because I’m not much of a sweet person so hit the spot. We showered quickly then headed back out to a bar to watch the France versus Germany soccer match. We then ate at 100 Montaditos and went back home to to get ready for our evening out. Phil, who had been dressed in obnoxious American get up all day, continued his theme of “American pride style” so Allison and I followed suite and put on bandannas. We then went out in Sol. We met some English friends, because of course we ended up at a Irish bar. Phil ended up making a trade for American sunglasses for his bandanna, his tie which was really what was wanted, was not an option. The next morning he still thought it was a good trade, which means it really must have been a good trade.



image IMG_1835IMG_1838 IMG_1839




IMG_1850 IMG_1851 IMG_1852


Day 3: Once again Allison and I were the only ones who could rally and got up early for breakfast. We got calamari sandwiches, which are known for the Madrid area, cafe con leche, and a beer. Clearly the struggle was real. I swear though that calamari sandwich was to die for, ciabatta bread, mayonnaise, thick calamari rings and lemon, put it all together and you get the best calamari sandwich ever. No it was not just because I was feeling the night from before…I swear. Saturday was the big Pride parade so that was pretty much the plan for the day. After breakfast we once again stopped at the store for the necessities aka beer. We got home and ralliedthe troops. Phil took a ridiculously amount of time to get out of bed-Phil needs to work on this before our next trip. Once everyone was dressed in their pride attire we headed out. First stop? McDonald’s for a beer. Yes McDonald’s has euro beers in Madrid. Very cultural. My friend Kevin and I stopped in at the Museo Nacional Centro De Arte Reina Sofia on the way to the parade to see the infamous Guernica painting. It was incredible. Their was so much going on in the photo and had such an incredible story. Then we found a spot where Gran Via meets Paseo del Prado and watched the parade. We stayed for a bit then decided to head back home so we once again stopped at Mercado San Miguel. I wasn’t exaggerating when I said we went everyday. We ended up staying in, enjoying the apartment, and finishing the bottles of wine we still had. Allison’s flight was at 6 am and Phil and mine was at 10 am. Lets just say getting up and saying goodbye was hard.





IMG_1903 IMG_1904IMG_1905IMG_1909 IMG_1910


Day 4: Barcelona!

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Final Days of Group Travel

I spent my final days of group travel in Pompeii, Sorrento, Capri, and Rome. I know, no complaining here. At this point when you are traveling with a large group of students you start to see the friendships form; this my favorite. Kids from different groups are sitting with different kids at dinner or walking together. Italy is a good place to make friends.

After my final night in Rome I got up early to leave the group to meet my friends for non organized travel in Madrid. When I woke up the next morning and had to hail my own cab and deal with the cost I realized how much I was going to miss this “prepacked” group travel, but I was ready to eat whenever and whatever I wanted!



This holes were once used to serve food; basically McD’s.


image  image



Our hotel in Sorrento, not too shabby.

  image image  image

Amazing fish dinner on the water in Sorrento

image image image image image

First steps in Capri

 image image image image

Caprese in Capri


image imageimage


image   imageimage

Roman Forum


Spanish Steps


Vatican City

image image image image

Hanging with the Swiss Guards


Pantheon at night


Piazza Navona


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Traveling with a Pack


Venice started my group travel experience. Our group consisted of 47 students and adults; serious group travel. I know a few people cringe at the idea of traveling with this many people but let me tell you it does have its perks. You have your days planned out. You have a bus that takes you to each destination. Tickets are purchased for you. You get to cut the line. Sometimes thinking is nice. Am I convincing you yet? Maybe these photos will…


Bridge of Sighs


image image

Piazza San Marco


image image

The most amazing mussels and clams!


Oyster served with kiwi. I asked the server if they eat the kiwi with the oyster and they said no after and to just put pepper and lemon on the oyster. Delicious!

image image image image

A campo with the pozzo(well).


Afternoon gondola ride.


In Venice we stayed at a hotel in Venezia which was right on the water and a 25 minute boat ride away from the Venice.

image image image


We stopped in at the new Brew Dog in Firenze!


Il Duomo di Firenze

image image



Ponte Vecchio

image image image

Seafood rice for lunch!



image image

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Berlin für die Win


Berlin is awesome. It is full of culture and history and was my first stop in Europe. Actually Paris was but that was only a lay over. My route to Berlin was Denver to Minneapolis to Paris to Berlin. My flight out of Denver was delayed about two hours so it delayed all of my connecting flights. The airline rebooked me and I was scheduled to be taking a later flight out of Paris that would get me into Berlin only five hours later than planned, bummer but that is life. When I landed in Charles de Gaulle and tried to get my boarding pass the gate agent said my listing had been canceled and the airlines hadn’t rebooked me so now the flights were oversold and I could only get on the later flight that wouldn’t get me in till 9 pm. Not cool. I expressed my frustration since I had a ticket that showed I was confirmed on the earlier flight so I didn’t understand where the problem was. The gate agent was très agréable and tried to help me in any way. She couldn’t get me a ticket for the earlier flight but she was able to get me a 8 € meal voucher. Since I am familiar and comfortable with standby travel I asked if I could at least standby for the earlier flight since I would be here anyways. She said if I went up to customer service in the gate area they could help me. So I grabbed my bags and migrated that way. They let me on the list though they said the flight was full. I enjoyed a cappuccino and a cheese and butter baguette with my meal voucher (Thanks Delta) and then to my surprise got a seat on the earlier flight! Not just a seat but first class!

Tip of the post: DO be nice to gate agents you never know what they will give you. DO try to be standby. If you are going to wait around anyways you might as well see if you can get on. People miss connections all the time.

Now back to Berlin…


Checking out museum island.

image image

Things to Eat

I started my first night with beer and German food! We ate at Die Berliner Republick on the Berlin-Spandau Ship Canal right by our hostel. I had the curry wurst and my friend (Shanna) got the kohlrouladen which is a German cabbage roll. I loved the classic curry wurst but my friends cabbage roll took the cake. It has minced meat inside and that made the texture and consistency so light and tasted like biting into meat clouds. It also had a dark sauce on it that was rich like a red wine beef reduction that paired perfectly. I finished her plate.

imageimageimage  image



Things to See

Shanna and I were lucky enough that the Berlin Gay parade was happening during our visit so that was quite the event one day. We watched the parade then followed the festivities down into Tiergarten. Here we saw the Victory column and then walked through to the Brandenburg Gate. They had a huge screen put up for the Germany verus Ghana game. It started pouring and we ended up going home to get warmer clothes so we ended up watching the game at another outdoor area we found by the metro. That is the great thing about being in Europe during the world cup, you can find a ton of places to watch the game.

image image image

imageimage image


To make sure we didn’t miss anything we decided to do a walking tour. We did a free one from Sandeman’s and this was my first free walking tour experience. It was awesome. I felt I learned so much and saw a lot too. The quality was great even though it was free so I highly suggest them from here on out. We tipped 10 € for the both of us; we saw a lot, learned a lot, but didn’t spend a lot.

Mauerpark Flohmarkt


Starting our waking tour!

image image

Holocaust Memorial

image image

Berlin Wall remains


Below is my favorite picture. That is the Detlev-Rohwedder-Haus in the background and during the division of East and West Germany it was the House of Ministries, which was basically East Berlin’s government building.

image image

Hanging with check point Charlie


Beblplatz Square – Dancing in front of the State Opera House


Liberal Memorial for the 20,000 books burned by the Nazis on May 10, 1933. There are enough shelves for the 20,000 books. There is a plaque next to the memorial that says “Das war ein Vorspiel nur, dort wo man Bücher verbrennt, verbrennt man am Ende auch Menschen,” from Meinrich Hein’s play Almansor which was written in 1821. Which translates to “Where they burn books, they will in the end also burn people.


Where to stay

We stayed at Bax Pax Hostel  in Mitte. It was a great location; close to the metro system (so easy and cheap to get to and from the airport; bus to undergroud) and easy to walk to places. We stayed in one of the 30 bed rooms. It wasn’t bad and it was an experience. When in Berlin might as well push yourself.



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Milan Per Un Giorno


I apologize for my lack of posts. Since I got back from Europe I have been catching up on summer activities, hanging with friends, and also catching up on sleep. With all of that meant no posts for a little over two weeks. It has been a nice little non-posting vaca but I am back and ready to share my time in Europe with you. My first post is what to do in Milan when you only have 24 hours.


1. Start with Coffee

If you are smart you will start you day off with free breakfast at your hotel/hostel but if you are like me and can’t seem to get out of bed instead head into the heart of Milan and get yourself an Italian coffee. I headed into tourist central and decided to have coffee in the Galleria next to the Duomo. Some might not suggest this but I found an infamous spot, Camparino, to sit at.  When you sit down and have your coffee you are removed from the hustle and bustle of all the tourist. I started my morning with lemon pie and a cappucino.  Perfetto!




2. Visit a Church

My next plan was to go into the Duomo but I quickly learned that it is not just shoulders you need to have covered but also your knees so I could not get in with my shorts. My advice for anyone visiting Italy and wanting to go into any Churches come prepared with a pashmina to either wrap around your shoulders or legs, depending on which one isn’t covered. Some churches will sell covers too.


3. Explore


A perfect way to see a city is by bike. If you want to bike around Milan you can rent one from BikeMI. You have to create an account online before. It is € 2.50 to create the account and then it gives you a user name and password. You go up to one of the bike stations (that are everywhere) and put your information into the kiosk then go get the bike that it tells you to. The first 30 minutes are free then € .50  per 30 minutes after that and you can only use it for two hours at a time. This is a great way to see the city but also scary because you are biking around not really knowing where you are going and you have to be careful of cars. I was trying to go see the Navigli District but no surprise I got lost. I finally just put my map away and biked around for a bit. Then I found someone nice enough to just show me where I was on my map so I could find my way back.


4. Public Transit

Use the subway system in Milan. So, so easy. I am serious if I can do it and I didn’t get lost once then anyone, including a four year old, could do it. Not sure if I was buying the correct ticket but it was € 1.50 a ride.

6. Find a Hidden Spot


For lunch I went to Panzerotti Luini and I highly suggest you do to. Italy is expensive, but this little lunch spot was cheap. It was great to watch the business men and women stop by for a quick lunch. They serve panzerotti’s that are sweet and savory; these are similar to calzones but much better. I almost feel like I am insulting it by comparing it. The dough is similar to an elephant ear dough; light and fluffy and a very simple dough flavor. Then you get the fresh tomatoes and the salty creamy mozzarella taste and voila you have magic. Be prepared for a line but it moved quick.


5. Don’t Miss Apertivo

This was my favorite discovery about Italy. Apertivo is basically happy hour but much better. Starting around 5 pm most bars/restaurants start apertivo hour. You order a cocktail like normal but you get a buffet with it for FREE! Seriously this is no joke. I couldn’t believe it was real. It was like I had died and gone to happy hour heaven. I ordered a negroni and it as € 9, yes expensive but I got dinner for free; cheese, olives, bruschetta, salad, rice, meats. I had happy hour at a bar in the Corso Como area. So so good and so so amazing.



6. Mushrooms


This is my final suggestion. If you love mushrooms go to Antica Trattoria Della Pesa and get the funghi porcini pasta. This was defineitly a fine dining situation (I spending about $50 by myself #sorrynotsorry) but it is worth it. This tagliatelle pasta was the most perfectly cooked homemade pasta I have ever tasted and the sauce though no cream was incredibly creamy. Perfect bites of mushrooms that still have a bite to them. I am becoming depressed just thinking about it knowing I don’t know when I will have it again…



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Midwest Tour


(The Wit rooftop bar where my cousins wedding was at.)

Last week I did a little midwest tour. I started in Chicago, then made my way to East Lansing, then headed to Grand Rapids, and ended the trip in good ole Lapeer Michigan. Here are pictures of some of the things I ate.

Chicago – The trip started in Chicago for my cousins wedding. The reception was held at The Wit. We ate a lovely brunch before though at a restaurant called Summer House.



East Lansing – We got to hang in my old college stomping grounds with my mom. If you are in East Lansing for an amount of time you should make your way to Grand River. This is the Main Street that runs outside of campus. On Grand River you will find a lovely spot called the Peanut Barrel. Here they have a killer olive burger. They way to get it: on rye bread, with lettuce tomato and onions, no cheese. You heard me correctly no cheese. This might be the only item in the world that I don’t request cheese on. I’m already starting to rethink my decision…washing it down with a Michigan beer like Oberon is the icing on the cake or shall I say olive sauce on the burger.

IMG_0673 IMG_0676 IMG_0675

Grand Rapids – I made my way over to the Downtown Market. It was so cute. The cheese counter, fish counter where you can order raw oysters at their tiny three seat bar, olive oil shop, flower shop, ice cream shop, juice bar, the list goes on and on. I had a green drink because at this point in my trip it was very much needed.

IMG_0680 IMG_0678 IMG_0681

Lapeer – Visiting my dads house is all about the breakfast and happy hours on the infamous deck. My dad switched things up on me this trip and served banana and raspberry waffles versus banana pancakes. Yum!

IMG_0683 IMG_0685   IMG_0692

(Sagebrush Cantina! One of our favorite Mexican restaurants)



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Food and Drinks in Santa Barbara

This past weekend I went to Santa Barbara for my friend Haley’s wedding. I met Haley studying abroad in Greece and her wedding was basically a reunion for a few of my Greece friends and myself. I was obviously so excited to go to the wedding, be in Santa Barbara, and see my friends, but I was also excited to try In-N-Out for my first time. It was the perfect welcome-to-California burger. I was a little surprised by the animal sauce though. It wasn’t as “saucy” as I imagined if that makes sense; maybe they just didn’t put enough on my burger? With that said though it was a very good burger.


The wedding was amazing! The cocktail hour was overlooking the water and the bride was stunning. We even got a shout out from the father of the bride during his speech; “Michigan Girls” that is us. We felt so special we all shouted and put up our arms—unplanned. Its fair to say we all think the same crazy way.

Below are the rest of the pictures from the trip. Pictures of brunch and bottomless mimosas, the WEDDING!!!!, biking on the water, and some food. I kept just diving into each meal and forgetting to take a picture till basically the plate was empty.

Brunch at State and Fig

IMG_0602 IMG_0603 IMG_0605 IMG_0609 IMG_0615 IMG_0616 IMG_0620

IMG_0624 IMG_0623

IMG_0629 IMG_0633 IMG_0635 IMG_0638 IMG_0647 IMG_0651

Drinks and dinner at the Boathouse of Hendry’s Beach

IMG_0653 IMG_0654 IMG_0655

Scallops on the half shell


How everyone felt at the end of the weekend.


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A Time For Firsts

photo 1

MGM Pool Party – AfroJack

photo 5

 The Bride!

This past weekend I experienced a few “firsts.” The first of the firsts was Vegas. One of my friends bachelorette party was in Las Vegas. I was so excited to experience the crazy party city! But what I decided to do, instead of what my smart sister decided to do, was fly standby. The night before I checked the listings and my fear was confirmed; none of the flights going or returning looked good. Awesome. I called my dad and discussed all my options. I was flying through Salt Lake City so maybe I could take the bus or maybe I could rent a car and drive. Both of those options would not get me to Vegas in time for the pool party we were scheduled for on Saturday so those were out. We finally decided we will just see what happens that morning and say a little prayer that the the standby gods show me a little sympathy.

I wake up at 3 am for my flight and feel good. I get ready and drive to the airport. I get through the airport and then what do I see? My flight is delayed for an hour and twenty minutes. Just enough time for me to miss my connection in Salt Lake City which was the only flight that day that looked good. Once again awesome.

I get to Salt Lake City 30 minutes after the flight I would have gotten on leaves. So I start the waiting process. The 11:01 am flight roles around. I am 15th on the list. Everyone but me and the standby person ahead of me get on. Next flight is 2:09 pm, getting me in at 2:39 pm. Which isn’t too bad, still plenty of pool time. I am 28th on the list and I get on. That is the name of the game, you don’t know what is going to happen till the plane door closes.

Vegas was amazing and crazy at the same time. I did make it to the pool party and it was so much fun. Unfortunately my sister who had bought her ticket who arrived at 9 am had already left the pool, not by choice, for “sleeping” (sleeping is code for something else if you catch my drift) but the bride was roaring to go and it was a blast.

Fast forward through dinner, clubbing, and 19 hours later you find me back at the Las Vegas airport trying for the 10:55 am flight. I somehow get lost in the airport because I couldn’t find the D Gates security entrance. If you are nice enough to the TSA though, they will escort you through the C Gate security and then through the locked door to get on the tram. Lets just say I was struggling. Keep fast forwarding through the day and you will see me sitting at multiple different D gates for the 10:55 am flight, the 1:57 pm flight, the 4:45 pm flight and then finally at the 6:36 pm flight that I shockingly got on. What wasn’t good about me getting on that last flight though was that it missed the last flight to Denver so I was stuck in Salt Lake City. Which is probably the most opposite city of Las Vegas.

Normal me would 100 percent just sleep on the airport floor, but apparently I have changed and I am still trying to deal with this change even as I write this post. I…bought…a hotel room. The second first. Does this mean I am old? That I am a mature adult? AHHHH. I don’t know what it means but I will say I felt great the next morning.

I finally got on the third flight out on Monday and made it to work in Denver only three hours late. So 30 hours in the airport for 19 hours in Vegas…totally worth it!

photo 5 (1)


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