Campin and Snoozin


This past weekend camping was exactly what I needed after chaperoning teens around Europe for two weeks. Besides enjoying the fresh air and nature I really really enjoyed my naps; drink a beer then nap, get in a hammock and nap, eat lunch then nap. I also discovered why people love hammocks so much. They really are the most amazing thing ever. We had one in our backyard as a kid but these camping hammocks are even better.

The only annoying thing was the mosquitoes. We ended up moving camp about half way through the day to the beautiful spot you see in the photo above. It was an easy move and we packed up impressively fast. So fast that we actually left the cake at the old spot. We went back to find it and luckily though there were people now in our spot they had not eaten the cake. Crisis averted.





Pole to Pole- Culture Unparralleled: The Celebration of Corpus Christi in Assisi

I started writing a series called Pole to Pole for EF’s blog Equator. Check out my first post!


Welcome to the Equator’s new series, Pole to Pole – Culture Unparalleled. While working with EF, and on my own, I’ve had the opportunity to visit some amazing places and witness just how beautiful our world can be. This series is all about highlighting special cultural moments or traditions that I’ve experienced while traveling through the northern and southern hemisphere. I hope you enjoy, and happy reading!

The coordinates
Head about two hours south of Florence and you’ll find the town of Assisi nestled in the Umbria region. Known as the birthplace of St. Francis, it’s also home to the Feast of Corpus Christi. This is the celebration of the belief in the body and blood of Jesus Christ.



Last night I headed to London with work for my yearly summer trip; but this year the tour is different! My company gives away 16 scholarship trips to students and this year I am the chaperone for the tour. Since none of the students know each other and they are not coming with teachers and chaperone, like usual, myself and two other staff members met them in Boston to lead the way and guide them (laying down the law). Before crossing the Atlantic we had a day to explore the city and did a Duck Tour. It was awesome! Of course it was a cheesy activity but I thoroughly enjoyed it.






Bash in the Nash


Last weekend I went to Nashville for my friend Chelsey’s bachelorette party!! I had never been before and I was so excited to visit. We rented an awesome house on Airbnb and 13 of us girls stayed there. We divided our three days between time at the house, time spent on the crowded streets of Broadway, and East Nashville. It was a fabulous weekend. Like most bachelorette parties there is a crazy story but what is different about this one is the moment happened sober. After brunch, which we only had one beverage at this time, we were standing waiting for our Uber when my sister realized a bird pooped on my head. After laughs, being the good sister that she is, she turned and ran as fast as she could to get me some napkins. In her quick swift movement she didn’t realize the sidewalk wasn’t level and tripped and flew and fell. When we noticed we thought she was laughing but no she wasn’t laughing. She was lying still trying not to get the blood on her shirt. Four stitches later we were on our way back to the bar. Yep she’s a trooper. Safe to say the bride-to-be didn’t fall once :)

What I suggest in Nashville:

  • Tootsies
  • Honky Tonk Central
  • Lonnie’s
  • Acme- Get the chicken sad which soo good
  • Printers Alley
  • Marché
  • The Pharmacy


IMG_3580 IMG_3655



Printers Alley

IMG_3670 IMG_3669 IMG_3667 IMG_3666

Karaoke at Lonnie’s Western Room, “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” Bonnie would have been proud.



Brunch at Marché Artisan Food; their bloody Mary’s were served with sake.



Beers at The Pharmacy.


Weekend Recipe: English Muffins


What to make this weekend? Don’t worry I got you covered!! This is your brunch crowd winning recipe!

Easy English Muffins

     IMG_3541 IMG_3542 IMG_3543 IMG_3544

It’s My Birthday B*!@h

It was my sister Kara’s birthday last week! Kara has always been a fan of sprinkles, from the vanilla dip donuts from Tim Horton’s that she would order by the dozen in high school to the hundred and thousand cookies she had while living in Australia. What both of these have in common is the type of sprinkles. Kara likes the round sprinkles or the more proper name is nonpareils which is French for without equal; a sprinkle fact for your day. We first went to dinner at Stoic and Genuine and then finished the night with this cake—a pistachio cake with honey and vanilla frosting. It was so good; a nutty flavor for the cake and the honey really comes through in the frosting!

Photo Credit: The amazing John Tagle

223A4601 223A4606 223A4625

Final Countdown


Our final stop in Vietnam was  Đà Nẵng. We didn’t give ourselves much time here so we didn’t really do much at all besides enjoy our hotel we were staying at. We got in around 4 pm and left at 6 am; I was serious about limited time. I wished we would have been able to do a few things like get an up close look at the Goddess of Mercy statue and visiting the Marble Mountains…but hanging out at the highest roof top pool in Vietnam, at A La Carte, wasn’t too bad (I keep reminding myself of this so I don’t get sad).

This was our final evening as a group for our trip. The next day we headed back to Hong Kong where Sarena left us to go back to the London, Phil went back to his Hong Kong life, and then back to the states for Becky and I. I fell in love with Vietnam and I can’t wait to go back.

The small white speck in the middle right of the photo is the Goddess of Mercy; the largest white marble buddha in Vietnam.




Final dinner!


This Is Hong Kong!


Hong Kong was not like what I had excepted. In Asia I had only been to Beijing and by default, though I know Hong Kong is not China, I associated the two. My friend I was visiting, Phil (if you are wondering why that name is familiar it is from previous posts like this one), hates when our friend group does that but it just happens. Since Phil was going to be our tour guide I didn’t do that much research so I did go there with a pretty blank mind. Well my lack of research and pal to lean on paid off becuase I really really liked Hong Kong! Phil lives in Central and really close to Lan Kwai Fong. That was the first place we went since we landed at 8 pm; after dumplings of course (Exclusive DUMPLING/Hong Kong post to come). Everyone is drinking in the streets and the energy is instense. Everyone is just having fun. We bought beers at 7-11 and joined the crowd.



imageLKF Drinking above and below is Racks MDBimage

The next day was a busy day. We first hiked up to Victoria Peak and had lunch up there. We went back to the apartment and changed for the evening and headed to the Ladies Market in Mong Kok by ferry. Before we went to the market we decided to get foot massages. I’m not really a fan of them. It hurt and everytime I tried to explain to the lady that it was painful she just laughed. My friend Becky, who also came to Hong Kong, said it was because she was hitting the liver point in my foot. I opted for back massages the rest of the trip. We went to markets next after more dumplings and it was great. Becky and I also had our palms read. Let’s just say I have some interesting years ahead of myself. Next stop was the Ozone Sky Bar at the Ritz Carlton which is the highest bar in the world. We each had a cocktail up there and enjoyed the lights of the city. Hong Kong is beautiful at night.


Phil’s apartment comes with a view!


Longest escalator in the world.


Path to Victoria Peak



Dragon Fruit



Occupy – The Umbrella Revolution

image image

image  image

image image


We ended back at LKF for more street beers. The next day we headed to Tai O (Post to come).

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