No Bowls, No Can Opener, No Problem


(Great way to start your day at the office)

I just moved into my new apartment this past weekend. Believe it or not this is my first lease that I have ever signed. The past two years I have not signed any leases and only bought what could fit in my car so I had the freedom to come and go from each city as I please. This is perfect lifestyle for a I-kind-of-have-commitment-issues person. But everyone has to grow up at some point, or in my case, move out of her sister and brother-in-laws house, so that I did. I must say though having a room and purchasing furniture like a desk (yes I am a writer who hasn’t had a desk for the past two years) feels pretty damn good (pardon moi French).

Now that I settled in I decided it was time to christen the kitchen/oven and make my first fall themed item; pumpkin spice scones! Now I knew I had been lucky that I lived with my brother-in-law who is a cooking nut and has all the gadgets for the kitchen you could imagine, but I didn’t know how lucky I was until I was standing in my kitchen without  mixing bowls or a can opener.  I completely forgot and I didn’t want to go back out to the store so I made do with what I had–a knife and cooking pans. Worked out fine but I would suggest buying bowls and a can opener.

Pumpkin Spice Scone Recipe









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Fall is Here!


Fall has swept over Denver with its cool breeze and left us cuddled up on the couch with a hot cup of cider. Ok this may be a bit dramatic and we still have a day with a high of 82 degrees this week, but still it is officially here—as of Sunday. I attended the Moonbeam Harvest event at the Clayton Early Learning Center on Thursday and it was a perfect way to welcome the fall. There were 15 restaurants there and each used a vegetable grown by the students garden as there main ingredient in their dishes. My absolute hands-down favorite was from Session Kitchen. Their vegetable was an eggplant and they made waffles; eggplant dipped in batter the put into the waffle iron, topped with a chive butter, then covered in a sweet chili syrup. It was insane. The hot waffle has a nice bite to it with the eggplant, then it is cooled by the butter, then brought right back up to hot with the sweet and spicy syrup. Its a roller coaster ride for your taste buds.





Fall is here so let the scary movies—cough “Hocus Pocus” cough—the pumpkin cooking, cider drinking begin!

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Falling for Fall

Colorado has been great for many reasons, but one of my favorites has been hiking.  A couple of weekends ago my roommate and a couple of friends and I went to Aspen for the weekend.  We were staying with my friends Aunt and Uncle who wanted to wine and dine us all weekend—I won’t argue with that.  It was amazing.  Relaxing, wine drinking and cheese eating weekend.  It was also the perfect time of year because the aspen trees were changing colors so it made for an icredible hike in the little town of Redfern. It was so picturesque the whole time that it was almost impossible to put the camera down.  We hiked and then enjoyed a lovely cheese, sausage and pear picnic.  I think that was the exact moment that I fell in love with Colorado.
We also got to enjoy the Aspen Farmer’s Market as well.  Rows of beautiful booths filled with produce, pastries and more.  They have peppers in a hatch rotary roasting contraption that was interesting.  With the mountains in the background its hard to imagine a better farmers market.
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