Milan 24 Hours Go!


While looking through old pictures this week I came across a few from a trip to Milan. I realized I never shared this story and it’s a real “pilot’s daughter” story because it is a trip I went on with my dad while he was working. While he was flying the plane my sister and I were enjoying the joys of Business Elite.

It was during Thanksgiving so I was a little bummed to miss the big day of cooking but I decided Milan was worth it—and it was. We started with a day in New York City where we walked around eating and shopping. I of course had a list of a few restaurants I had heard about and wanted to try. Though there was a list I only dragged them across the city to one spot, and it was definitely worth it. We had our afternoon snack of a lobster roll at Luke’s Lobster in the East Village. It was amazing to say the least. Perfect roll that let the lobster shine and not be drenched in mayo.

We then headed back towards our hotel, stopped to eat again at a Mexican restaurant, then made it finally back to the hotel to get our stuff and head to the airport. Luckily Kylie and I both got on and in first! We wined and dined while dad worked away and then he safely landed us in Milan.

We had 24 hours total so we had to get straight to business. We rented a car and head to Lake Como. We spent the morning walking around the beautiful area and of course, ate and drank. What else are you supposed to do in Italy?!





Squid Ink Pasta!

We came back to the city and got settled into our hotel and got ready for dinner. We found a cute restaurant near the Duomo and once again enjoyed a fabulous Italian meal filled with pasta and pizza. After dinner we walked over to La Scala and enjoyed the beautiful cities nightlights.




The next day at the airport there was only on seat left for one of us to get first so I let Kylie take it. What can I say I’m a good sister. My dad was nice enough though to send some of the ice cream back to me.




That was a pretty typical experience and time frame when I go on a work trip with my dad. Though it’s quick and to the point it’s pretty fabulous. I will have to look at my dads schedule for next month…

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Checks and Balance


As I sat at my nine to five desk today, I felt a twinge of pain when I looked at my phone at  4:23 pm and read a text.  At 4:22 pm I received a text from my friend Becky that said, “330 to tel aviv.” Becky and three of my other friends were on their way on a A330 aircraft, to decipher for you, to Tel Aviv Israel. I responded with I wish I could go and knew that I had to work instead.

After I read that I sat there continuing to work and it sunk in, this is real life.  I’ve bounced around a lot in the past year and have been fortunate enough to be unemployed in between and been able to travel and basically have whatever schedule I want. And of course the flight benefits were the best.  As I thought about this I felt a moment of, I wish I was unemployed.  How wrong is that?  I wished for the time again when I could just jump on a plane with my friend Becky, or visit people, whenever I wanted.  Once again I was hit with the reality of life.  I started to weigh the pros and cons.  Thinking about this I realized life really is about balance.  I’ve lived the past year in this la la land where I was extremely fortunate to be able to accept internships where I worked for free, find jobs that work with my unpaid jobs and the best part, have about a month off in between. So as I sat there at my nine to five job I was able to think for a second that it was ok. I am so fortunate to have lived the easy life and be able to find a job. I sat there and thought about my year of fun and all my past college years of living on a spontaneous life plan. I thought back to all the moments I had experienced and tried to think of moments I had missed.  None stood out and I realized that was all that mattered.  I took those moments when I could and now I’m going to work hard to play hard again to.  It’s all about the checks and balance.

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And We’re Back

This was my first trip in, I don’t-know-how-long, that I didn’t bring my computer.  For almost a solid four days I was computer free.  I must say it was pretty amazing.  I also bought a ticket, so no standby traveling for me this time, which was also pretty amazing.

This Thanksgiving we went to New Hampshire for my cousin’s wedding at the Omni Resort in Mount Washington.  We had Thanksgiving dinner at my Aunt’s in Exeter, New Hampshire.  I of course brought the cake, which means I brought it on the plane.  If anyone wants to make friends on a plane or in the airport carry a container with cakes in them, people will comment.

Hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving and are ready for the transition from pumpkin everything to gingerbread.

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Munich- Best Pretzels and Beer

Our trip came to end in Munich.  Even though it  meant the trip was over, we were so excited to get there because everyone we had to talked to about Munich said it was one of their favorite places. We of course took a train because in Europe that is an easy and cheap way to get from country to country.

We had an interesting adventure with the trains this time around.  We were sleeping on the train because that was our designated sleeping time, or so it seemed it was the only time we were able to get some shut eye.  The train came to a stop and we didn’t move because we knew we had about another hour before we were supposed to arrive.  Then some older couples started pounding on our windows and screaming something in German at us. In a panic we grabbed our things and got off the train.  We then realized where we were, which was the middle of no-where-farm-town Germany, and that the train would not go any further.  There was an accident on the track and they were sending buses to take us to Munich.  We let the first bus go without pushing and shoving to get on, but quickly realized that there was probably only one more bus coming and way more people than space on the bus so we pushed and shoved and I had the door close on me. I screamed and frantically made my way on. No way was I going to be left behind. This was a public transportation bus so we had to stand/sit on the steps the rest of the way. But it made for a good story and in the end we got to Munich only and hour late.

After settling into our hotels we immediately went out and headed toward the Rathaus-Glockenspiel in Marienplatz and then stopped in for a beer at the famous Hofbräuhaus house. We walked around a bit more and then went to the absolute best thing we did in Munich, Mike’s Bike Tour.  It was beyond fun.  The guide was hilarious, personable, and we learned a lot of history and saw some amazing sites.  My favorite building was the Bayerische Staatskanzlei which is the state agency of the German Free State of Bavaria, and the appendant builidng, aka where Merkel gets stuff done.  The center part of the building is the former Bavarian Army Museum, and was demolished in WW II.  There are bullet holes in the pillars of the part of the building that was able to be salvaged.  The building was rebuilt with glass to represent transparency.

We stopped for a snack aka amazing pretzel and beers.  In the beer garden in Englischer Garten, which is bigger than Central Park.  They served a cheese dip with the pretzel’s that our guide could only describe as an “angel taking a dump in your mouth, that’s how good it is.”  Sorry if that was too graphic.  We went home and changed to go out for the evening.  We went to the hostel across from us to have some drinks then went to another hostel called Euro Hostel just because it was next door and to our surprise it was amazing.  The décor first off was awesome and sophisticated and a ton of people from all over.  Then we hit the town and went to a few clubs.

 The next morning we woke and headed to the first concentration camp, Dachau, in Germany.  It was a very intense experience.  To lighten the mode we headed back to Englischer Garten and went in the man made river, Eisbach.  They even created a wave, so you can see the surfers of Munich.  It is flowing and about five feet deep and so cold, but so fun!  We thought, key word thought this was our last night, so we went to another famous beer house Augustiner Keller for dinner.  We did a little beer pub hopping and ended the night back at Euro Hostel.

We got up the next morning with the idea that we were getting home.  To our surprise, my friend Caitlin and I were shocked when I only got a seat.  We panicked and gave up my seat since we didn’t want to split up.  Really smart, not.  Since we are flying standby you should always split up because tomorrow there could also only be one seat, so take a seat when you get it is the moral of the story.  We went back in to Munich and went to Olympic park.  A few of our friends were still there for one more night so luckily we got to stay on their floor for the night.  We got out the next day thank god, but it was pretty stressful, lots of running thorugh the airport and holding up the planes.

We made it to Charleston 24 hours later, tired, ready for bed, but once again planning our next trip…flying standby.

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Life’s a Beach…in Charleston

I am no longer residing in Lapeer, Michigan…thank goodness.  Not that Lapeer isn’t lovely sometimes, but in these final winter months Michigan doesn’t show its best sides.  Dreary and cold is what you can expect, so having Charleston, South Carolina as my new home for the next few months, I was antsy to get out.

I borrowed a car from my family in New Hampshire, to use in Charleston, so my dad and I flew to New Hampshire and then he drove me to Washington DC.  I was nervous to check my bags, which I have good reason to be; I have the ultimate bag horror story. When all the flights looked pretty full, I knew the only option was to carry them all on.  We managed to get them through TSA and figured we could gate check them if we had to.  My plan was brilliant, except I forgot that it meant we would be carrying all of them ourselves.  Running from terminal A to C in the Detroit airport is awful.  It was worth it though when we were able to happily “pink tag” each bag so I knew they were safely below us. I was actually sore from carrying the duffle bags.

To make the 17 hour drive easier we split it up by stopping in Washington DC.  Once my dad and I got to DC we picked up my friends and took my dad directly to the airport where he flew back to Michigan.  Then we headed to get drinks.  I felt a little bad for my dad especially since the car is a stick and I was nervous, so he drove the whole eight hours that day…my dad is the best. My friend Becky and I drove the rest of the way from DC to Charleston the next day, and I only stalled once leaving the city.  I guess I’m better at driving a manual than I thought.

Upon arriving in Charleston I immediately felt like I fell into a Pat Conroy novel.  Driving from island to island over the marshes and ocean.  I shucked my first steamed oyster which is surprisingly satisfying to do.  I also embarrassingly tried Velveeta Skillets for the first time which was also pretty satisfying.

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