Hats Off to MSU!

When an important part of your life comes to an end you begin to think about what you accomplished and what you wish you had.  Lately I’ve been thinking hard about this one and am grateful to say that I am leaving college with no regrets.  I know what you’re thinking sure sure “you don’t wish there was anything you had done that you didn’t have time for or just simply didn’t do?”  Well besides witnessing a MSU quidditch game I think I’ve done what I came here to do!

With that said, I don’t think any of this could be possible without MSU.  Sure a college is a college but what Michigan State had to offer me was irreplaceable.  Traveling and food are my favorite things in life and one of the first things MSU gave me was the cafeteria! Unlike most students I loved the cafeteria- both the food and the staff.  Freshman year was an amazing time getting to meet new people, moving away from home and experiencing a new way of life.

Then it gave me my second favorite thing…travel.  MSU offered such amazing study abroad programs I couldn’t just do it once- I had to do it twice (thanks Dad).  With these study abroads I was able to grow up in ways I never thought were possible.  I was able to see taste and feel a whole world I never known was out there.

MSU guided me to who I am today and I couldn’t be happier with its work.  I know who I am and what I want to do and all I have left to say is thank you.  Besides a little weight gain from the crazy social life you offer you have been so great.  So once again thanks and I’m sure my fellow graduates would agree with me when I say my hat goes off to you MSU!

The English Are Serious About Their Breakfast!

After Friday morning there are two things I am positive England knows how to do: 1. Weddings and 2.  Breakfast.  My friend Becky and I woke up at 4 a.m. to watch the Royal Wedding and it was so beautiful (we definitely had royal wedding fever).  I felt like I was actually watching a Disney movie!  Okay, enough with the wedding talk I’m sure everyone has had enough with that now let’s get on to the good stuff…food.  Becky and I also had the grand idea of making a traditional English breakfast.  The English make a breakfast also known as “the full breakfast” and we quickly learned how it received the name!

Breakfast is already my favorite meal so I may be a bit bias towards this, but truly the English breakfast was amazing.  This breakfast consists of: bacon, baked beans, bread, eggs, potatoes, mushrooms, tomatoes and sausage.  I think it’s the flavors of all these that just go so well together.  Yes you are in a bit of a food coma afterwards but who doesn’t love a nap after a big meal!  Try this out one day and impress someone with all you know about the traditional English breakfast!

(We forgot the tomato, but its was still delicious!)