Weight Gain? Or eating-amazing-food-in-a-foreign-country curves?

After a few days of being completely submerged in the Brazilian culture I quickly learned how the women get their amazing curves…the food!  But me being American just simply felt like I was going to explode from all the food.  My friend and I were very excited when we put on our jeans five days into the trip and they still fit (phew!)!

First thing that our bodies adjusted to was their lunch.  They eat their largest meal at lunch and we simply don’t do that, but my-oh-my do they know how to cook a mean lunch.  Every lunch we had always included beans and rice but that was only the tip of the iceberg.  They would have a pasta dish and a meat dish such as pork or chicken and a vegetable dish like okra or green beans.  I found the flavors to be very rich and flavorful, for the lack of a better word, and the meals to be heavy.  The heavy factor was probably because we would be woken up around 1pm for the 1:30pm lunch so my body didn’t have time to wake up and realize it was time to feast. Our late morning snoozes were definitely because of out jet lag, not our social life that was quickly developing because of all the amazing friends we were making!

Probably one of my favorite things they happily shared with us was pao de queijo, which simply put is cheese bread, and for all you fellow cheese lovers out there- need I say more?!? It was a little roll that was best when you would tear it open, right out of the oven, steaming and be moist and doughy on the inside! It would be soft and creamy and so cheesy tasting without the typical appearance of cheese in it.  I liked to put cream cheese on mine; yummy (I’m starting to drool).

Here are some more pictures of food from Brazil!

Coxina                                                                   Pamoja

Acai!! They serve it with some toppings and the cream stuff is condensed milk!! It is so delicious.

The Adventures of My Buddy Pass

I have officially started the “No plan, plan” chapter of my life (Read previous blog to understand this lingo). I left for Brazil on May 16th with two of my friends using buddy passes; I’m not going to speak for all airline employees but my history with buddy passes has not been very successful. A buddy pass is basically a cheap standby ticket that airline employees get to give to their friends. For my four friends that have attempted to use them one has made it from East Lansing to Detroit, which is about 75 miles so that is not something to brag about. So, like I said I have a very poor track record.

I was prepared this time though. I had both of my friends start bright and early on the first or second flight out for the day and what do you know- they got on! So this left them with a 10-hour layover in Atlanta, so if you have any questions about the Atlanta airport ask them.

That was the first good news of the day, then we heard that our airplane to Brazil had been upgraded from a 757 to a 767 which basically just means much better seats in business class. I know we sound so spoiled but if you got the opportunity to fly in business internationally wouldn’t you want the best seats possible?! So now we were two for two so I was expecting the flight to be completely canceled or something along those lines but nope- we were sitting in out seats Champagne in hand and the door was about to close, so now I’m thinking “wow it worked” -then…the gate agent came to talk to us. Now that I have you on the edge of your seat your can settle back down, he was only coming to say they didn’t have enough meals for us, this sounds weird but this is typical. I remember when I was about 7 and they still served meals on flights in coach and our family would be all split up getting leftover seats here and there. I got stuck in a middle seat with two adults next to me and the flight attendant says “sorry no meals left” and with no sympathy I might add. The people next to me looked down at me with such concern and I just simply tell them it happens all the time. They probably were so concerned because obviously my favorite part of flying was the meals on the plane so I was heart broken.

Anyways, this time around it all worked out. We had a great lead flight attendant who found food for all of us and plenty of liquor. We sipped our wine with dinner and port with dessert and fell asleep sighing with contentment that we were sleeping actually on an airplane rather than the airport floor!