Thanksgiving Round Two!

My other Aunt and Uncle wanted to cook their own turkey so we had Thanksgiving again on Friday night. I think this is going to be a new tradition for me. It was a smoked turkey this time around and it was delicious, and oh the mashed potatoes were amazing!!  My mom’s birthday is this Tuesday so we celebrated her birthday that night as well!




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Thanksgiving Round One

Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was as relaxing and “full” as mine.  My sister is the scone Queen and baked her mouth watering blueberry scones for breakfast.  She made the Macy’s Day parade even better if you can imagine that. I was making desserts which were pumpkin whoopie pie, pumpkin cake and apple sheet pie. I had baked all the whoopie pie’s and cakes the night before and made the pie dough so all I had to do was finish the pie and make the frosting and frost everything on Thanksgiving morning.  The baking process took a little longer than planned because my dad forgot my pans so I had to bake each tier separately🙂.  On Thanksgiving morning I also learned a baking lesson that you should read a recipe fully before attempting to bake it, I am talking about my apple sheet pie I was making.  I didn’t read the recipe fully just looked at the amazing pictures so I was a little thrown by a few more steps that were involved that I didn’t realize had to be done.  But my Dad stepped up and saved the apple sheet pie, and made up for forgetting the pans.   Here are a few pictures of the food from my day!

P.S. this turkey was the best turkey I have ever had.  My Uncle separated the breast from the turkey and cooked them at the appropriate temperatures and time for dark and light meat.  Truly moist tender amazing turkey.  I know the presentation a full turkey makes is amazing but this taste will trump that in my book forever!

P.S.S. the apple sheet pie was amazing as well and looked so rustic and beautiful!







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