Pierogi and Borsch a Polish Tradition

My Mom’s side of the family is Polish so each year we make pierogi and borsch. I’ve grown up making these every year and enjoying every part of the tradition.  This tradition is one I don’t question but washing with silver on Christmas Eve for wealth is one I do, but of course you have to do it because to risk not getting that extra bit of luck because of skepticism is just not worth it.  Simply put we are Polish.  Below you will see pictures of cheese pierogi  that the filling is made with farmer cheese and a kapusta filling which is made of sauerkraut and mushroom.  The borsch is a mushroom borsch that had eight pounds of mushroom in it; yes you read correctly, eight pounds.  The main ingredient in everything below is sour cream and of course butter.  This is a Julia Child approved recipe because of the amount of butter we used.  You will see the perfect bite below, one part sour cream to two parts pierogi.

Below you will see the process of making the dough, stuffing, boiling and then frying the pierogi.  We had left over dough so we decided to make kluski which are homemade noodles.

Enjoy the pictures below!













Photos courtesy of John Tagle.

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Italian Christmas

I can’t believe the eve of Christmas Eve is upon us already!   I think part of the reason why it doesn’t feel like Christmas is because I am in Texas and there isn’t any snow but good ole’ Michigan couldn’t get it together either to make it a white Christmas so I think I just need to eat more cookies and drink more eggnog to get into the spirit. My family is normally all over for the holidays so we spend it with different people each year.  It’s typical that my Dad, being a pilot, works this holiday.  When we were kids we got used to always having two Christmases, one before Dad left and the other actually on the 24th.  We got lucky last year and he didn’t have to go to work till the 25th and my family celebrates on Christmas Eve so this was perfect.  This year we weren’t as lucky; but on a positive note my little sister was able to join him on his trip to Tokyo and Manila in the Philippines.  She is somewhere over the Pacific right now sleeping on the upper level of a 747 in their lie-flat chairs.  I think its safe to say I’m a tad bit jealous🙂.  But my mom is visiting and tonight we are making our Polish tradition food pierogi and borsch, which is a mushroom soup (stay tuned for those pictures).

Most people have been busy in the kitchen making holiday treats to give away to coworkers and friends.  Of course gingerbread cookies are a fan favorite for Christmas so I knew I wanted to make something that incorporated gingerbread.  I was looking for recipes when I came across a gingerbread biscotti recipe.  This was the one!  I was so excited to make them.  The recipe is easy and they are delicious. Oh and the best part was I was able to use the dough hook for my KitchenAid for the first time! Everyone thought they were from Starbucks.   Make these for Christmas morning or even better as cookies to leave for Santa!

Gingerbread Biscotti Recipe




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Photo’s courtesy of John Tagle