Greek Feast Night

Farmers market season is in full bloom.  I’ve been to a few farmers markets before but apparently not the cool ones because I have never seen zucchini blossoms for sale until last week.  It was like Christmas morning when I saw them. After I bought them I was so overwhelmed with planning the meal that I would serve them as an appetizer at that I couldn’t focus enough to buy anything else.  This week I’m going with a list.

Zucchini blossoms quickly grew into Greek feast night.  Stuffed zucchini blossoms as the obvious star but also the appetizer, Greek salad, chicken gyros and baklava.  I studied abroad in Greece a few years back and have always wanted to make zucchini blossoms and baklava, the moment had finally arrived.  Zucchini blossoms are the flower the grows off of the zucchini.  There are male and female flowers and the way to tell them apart it that the male flower grows directly off the zucchini and the female grows from a stem.

Both the blossoms and the baklava were pretty easy.  The baklava was just time consuming considering it had 17 layers, but there weren’t any tricky parts and you don’t need special tools.  The fried stuffed blossoms are self explanatory and the only thing that was a little tricky was pulling out the pistols of the flowers.

The zucchini blossoms were so, so good!  The fried part isn’t too strong but more of a tempura batter because it is just flour and soda water, so it has a lighter taste to it.  You bite in and they melt in your mouth and its salty from the parmigiano-reggiano and sweet from the ricotta.  The baklava was great.  It tasted almost as good as Greece baklava, almost.

Stuffed Zucchini Blossom Recipe

Baklava Recipe



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Wine Wednesday- Judge A Bottle By Its Label

Today is Wednesday.  Some call it hump day but on this blog it will be referred to as one thing and one thing only…Wine Wednesday.  At the cafe I work at, Cafe Medley, there is a wine wall and I constantly find myself admiring the labels on the wine so I decided I had to share them.

From now on Wine Wednesday I will be “judging a bottle by the label.” Sometimes I’ll taste the wine, and sometimes  I won’t but the whole point is to post the most fun labels I find.  The wine featured today is CC: Wine and it is there Cabernet Sauvignon.  I love their motto… i will not drink bad wine, i will not drink bad wine…

Since its the first Wine Wednesday on The Pilot’s Daughter I’m also showing you the coolest new adult game out there, Cork Jenga.  The concept is the same as jenga but with corks; push or pull them out till they all fall out!

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