Wine Wednesday- Cooking with Wine

Tonight was a night for cooking with wine and of course drinking it as well.  I’ve been eyeing a linguine with clam sauce recipe for some time now and finally decided to make  it tonight.  I was doing the food and my friend was bringing the wine.  As I was shopping I remebered I needed a dry white for the recipe.  Knowing that she was going to be bringing a nice bottle of wine for us to drink, I allowed myself to give into Whole Foods wine deal of a bottle for $2.99.  I was slightly hesitant but clearly not that much because I did indeed buy it.  Staying true to my $2.99 bottle of wine classiness I didn’t even wait for it to chill before I tried it, I just added an ice cube.  Believe it or not it was not bad. Three Wishes Chardonnay, I think, actually is a nice dry wine to cook with and sip on.  And of course I loved the whimsical look of the label.

We also enjoyed Mirassou Chardonnay with our dinner.  It was a crisp chardonnay but with heavy sweet notes.  It was a bit sweet for my taste but if you are look for that in a chardonnay I suggest this one cause you will love it.  The label is simple but elegant with the sun around the “M”.

Linguine with Clam Sauce from Big Girls Small Kitchen

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Blast From The Past

What was I doing this time last year?  Eating pão de queijo that’s what.   I was in Brazil enjoying being a graduate and living the traveling dream.  Now a year later I am left to making them from a box mix ordered off of Amazon, at least it was a gift (Thank you Kyle Herionimus).  Rough life I know.

Pão de queijo is basically Brazilian cheese bread.  It is made from cassava flour which we would know as yucca, which is a root, and minas cheese.  This cheese is made from a cow’s milk and tastes almost like a mozzarella but has the texture of a feta.  They sometimes served this with leche or sweetened condensed milk drizzled on top as a dessert creating a salty sweet irresistible combination.

In Brazil I ate these cheese balls like candy.  Fresh out of the oven and topped with cream cheese we were in Brazilian heaven.  Oh take me back!  The food there is second only to the amazing friends I made.



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