Fall into the Kitchen

The title of this post is meant to be punny, not literal; though those who know me would say I am clumsy. This post is about welcoming fall cooking to the kitchen, since we just welcomed the fall season last week, and with that I bring and you a fall breakfast and appetizer.

This past Friday I served this gruyere mushroom and caramelized onion bites as an appetizer. I decided on this app because I am always looking for something new that isn’t mainly cheese. Don’t get me wrong I love cheese, its my other half, my best friend, everything to me, but sometimes its not the most creative because it is a typical go to for appetizers. What I loved about this recipe is that the filling could be made ahead so its an easy prep while mingling with people type of app. Also it of course has cheese in it, so its a win win situation. The mushrooms are hearty and the puff pasty is buttery and flaky—its like serving fall on a pillow.

On Sunday I enjoyed these dirty chai muffins with coffee and Netflix (Once Upon a Time is back). These taste like fall mixed with Christmas. I liked these muffins because they weren’t pumpkin spice, so once again something different.

The time is here people—start cooking like it!





Challenge Four: Leaving


The last challenge was the most emotionally difficult but not physically, we had to leave the Chicago Basin—as you can see from the picture above, this was not an easy feat.

We spent our last night enjoying our amazing spot and the incredible view while finishing the whiskey and wine, relaxing in our hammocks, and of course the amazing company of our hiking crew.

We got up bright and early because we didn’t want to risk missing the train. There was a slow group and a fast group; the slow group, which I was a part of, left earlier because we were really paranoid we were going to take about as long as it took to hike up. Thankfully this wasn’t the case and we finished in a little under three hours.

After our hike out, we sat and enjoyed the river and bridge while waiting for the train. Once on the train we headed immediately to the bar—a beer and a bloody Mary was my reward for making it through this trip, exactly what my body needed!

We enjoyed our final pictures of the seriously breathtaking scenery on the train and then pulled into Silverton. Reality set in as we all received cell service again and the world we had left quickly returned.

We were back but not done with our trip just yet. Next we headed to Ouray for lunch and ate at the Ouray Brewery. We had barbecue and wings; it was such good food in general but the perfect first-real-food-meal to eat after four days of dehydrated food.

We then went to go to the Ouray Hot Springs but as we pulled up we realized there was way too many kids so we went to a much more adult hot springs. We went to the Orvis Hot Springs and the amount of naked old men will always be imprinted in my brain. To get away from this view I got a 30 minute massage that was of course incredible. Then after this we hit the road for the long trip back to Denver, the trip was over.

The night ended with me feeling so refreshed after a shower and in a real bed with Taco Bell.