Sunday Sippin


Lazy Sundays are my favorite and lately they are focused around drinking as well as lazy. Yesterday I tried something new; Shiner Prickly Pear. I’ve been a fan of Shiner Ruby Redbird for a while so Shiner wasn’t the new part. The Ruby Redbird is a perfect summer beer and also pairs well with sushi and Thai! I was a bit skeptical about the Prickly Pear variation because I thought it would be very sweet but I was pleasantly surprised. For those who first associated this with a pear you would eat everyday, cough Kara cough, that is not correct. Prickly pear is a cactus and they grow fruit on them which is the part added to the beer which means this is not a pear cider. This beer paired beautifully with the pork shoulder that was smoked for about 10 hours. Yep Sunday’s are good.


(Henry always finds a way to get in the picture)

Future Opening – Bierstadt Lagerhaus


Last night I got a sneak peak at Bill Eye and Ashley Carter’s new project, Bierstadt Lagerhaus. The space located at 2875 Blake Street was previously a teacher resource store. Inside there will be a brewery, distillery, and cidery. The restaurant and tasting area will be up on a mezzanine looking out at an amazing view of the city! And I almost forgot, there will also be a rooftop area! Can’t wait for this to open March of 2015.


Got to try Billsner, a collaboration beer from Hogshead!


My friend Allegra, Bill Eye, and John Carlson from the Brewers Guild.


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