Nice is Nice


I had the privilege of traveling to Nice the first week of June. Two of my girl friends who have been seen on this blog, Becky and Sarena, came with me. We enjoyed our amazing Airbnb, girl talks, beach time, and the expensively lavish city.

I was heartsick to hear about the Nice attack that happened last Thursday night. This attack sat differently with me as I was able to still feel how I felt while in Nice; the sweat dripping down my face walking up the hill lost to our AirBnb, laughing on the beach, sipping cool rosé—I would have been at that Bastille celebration. I am truly so sorry for all the victims and their families.

Nice is a beautiful city that should be visited and not remembered for this cruel invasion but instead for what you see in my pictures. It was hard to not be happy in this city.

Our Airbnb is my dream French apartment/studio. I’m not sure what it qualifies as since it did not have a door for the bed room section but it was separate from the kitchen and living room. The rooftop balcony though was the real show stopper; we spent most of our time in the apartment on the balcony.

Our last night we decided to go out in fancy Nice style and sip some Veuve on my (wink wink) balcony before heading to dinner at Café de Turin. Sarena and I split a seafood tower and it was perfect.



Cours Saleya Market





Day Trip – Cassis


One day while we were in Marseilles we left the city and went to the little seaside town called Cassis. It was a 45 minute bus ride away and so darn adorable. We hung out on the beach, did our usual drinking of rose, and also took a boat tour of the calanques. This is a must see town if you are in the South of France.

The calanques are cliff inlets that are created by the natural erosion of the limestone. They are beautiful high white cliffs that plunge into the blue water located between Marseilles and Cassis.

We finished our day people watching in a French cafe drinking Bloody Mary’s; not typical for others but very typical for us!