Out of Office: Monaco and Èze


On my summer work trip our group also made a quick stop in a different country—Monaco. We spent enough time there to grab a delicious lunch, shop a little for a vintage south of France marketing poster, and walk around the city and visit Grace Kelly’s tomb at Saint Nicholas Cathedral.

After border crossing we headed to Èze where we went to the Fragonard Parfumeur to learn about their infamous perfumes and do some more shopping. We relaxed a bit after in the heart of the medieval town of Èze where we enjoyed Rose, once again, and also enjoyed one of the very few rain storms in the south of France. This region is comparable to Denver and has about 300 days of sun a year; we luckily got to enjoy one of the rainy ones. To get to the the city you climb/hike the stone stair way; at this point I was really second guessing my shoe choice for the day. Since Monaco is a fancy place I dressed in my nicer Sam Edelman flat sandals which did not work well in the rain. I eventually took them off and hiked down barefoot. I’m really glad I wore those shoes, I’m sure everyone in Monaco noticed how trendy I was.



Fragonard Perfume factory!




Out of Office: Cinque Terre


On my last work trip I went on a tour my company calls Europe’s Mediterranean Coast; the first stop was Cinque Terre. I explored four of the five villages with 20 students from outside of Chicago. I loved walking the villages, eating fresh seafood on the seaside, and drinking Aperol Spritzers.

We started at Riomaggiore then headed on to Manarola; next was Vernazza where we had lunch and then the group finished in Monterosso for some shopping.

I came for a good time, not a long time—about eight hours to be exact.