The Post About All the Lobsters


For Labor Day weekend I spent my time in New Hampshire and Maine. This trip was planned to visit family in New Hampshire but I quickly created a separate motive which was to consume at least a lobster a day.

In New Hampshire the family enjoyed good ol’ fried stuff at Ray’s Seafood in Rye and and had an amazing surf and turf barbeque night with friends.

In Ogunquit, Maine I enjoyed the classic-must-stop Barnacle Billy’s for steamers, punch, and piña coladas before a night on the town that ended at the Front Porch Piano Bar— aka my heaven. We also headed up to Kennebunk to get the best lobster roll I have ever had from The Clam Shack. The bread was toasted but still so delicate and completely complimented the buttery sweet flavor of the lobster instead of being overpowering.

The only way to say goodbye to summer is with a lobster in hand, I have now decided.










Challenge Two: Day Hike to Twin Lakes


We woke refreshed on day two after our night of wine, s’mores, and T Swift singing. I woke especially refreshed because of my new Klymit sleeping bag! This is my first sleeping bag I have ever purchased and I love the shape that gave me more space to move my legs and made me feel less restricted!

Day two was our relaxing day and day to sleep in. My tent mate and I shared Mountain House biscuits and gravy and we sipped on coffee and enjoyed the mountain views and sounds. This moment of happiness was quickly interrupted by the bugs, the downfall of this trip. They were bad. I pretty much had to be covered  in clothes and then doused in Off and Deet till nightfall. At night we were left alone; thank goodness!

With the annoyance of the bugs I decided to join in with the group that was going for a day hike to Twin Lakes versus just relaxing at the camp. I was told it was about a mile and half hike but 1,000 feet elevation gain; so short but hard. It ended up being longer than expected and harder probably because about half way up I realized that this was the way to the 14er that we were going to do tomorrow; I would have to do this hike twice. As you can see by the pictures though my legs were complaining my eyes definitely were not.

The views were spectacular and the glass lakes reflected the beauty. We spent a few hours hanging at Twin Lakes where some crazies (John and Nolan) swam, and some fished; unfortunately no fish were caught.

We enjoyed the cool air, warm sun, and the burn of my mini Bulleit whiskey bottle I needed to have for this hike; it was worth the extra weight.