Fall is Here!


Fall has swept over Denver with its cool breeze and left us cuddled up on the couch with a hot cup of cider. Ok this may be a bit dramatic and we still have a day with a high of 82 degrees this week, but still it is officially here—as of Sunday. I attended the Moonbeam Harvest event at the Clayton Early Learning Center on Thursday and it was a perfect way to welcome the fall. There were 15 restaurants there and each used a vegetable grown by the students garden as there main ingredient in their dishes. My absolute hands-down favorite was from Session Kitchen. Their vegetable was an eggplant and they made waffles; eggplant dipped in batter the put into the waffle iron, topped with a chive butter, then covered in a sweet chili syrup. It was insane. The hot waffle has a nice bite to it with the eggplant, then it is cooled by the butter, then brought right back up to hot with the sweet and spicy syrup. Its a roller coaster ride for your taste buds.





Fall is here so let the scary movies—cough “Hocus Pocus” cough—the pumpkin cooking, cider drinking begin!

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They Did It!!




The happy couple🙂


My sister’s wedding has officially come and gone. We spent an amazing weekend in Napa visiting vineyards, eating amazing local food and of course celebrating my sister and brother-in-law’s wedding. First things first is that they could not have chosen a better city or venue for their wedding. The feel of Napa is so laid back and it is absolutely gorgeous. Second their venue was incredible. They had the reception at Gloria Ferrer Caves & Vineyards which is up on a hill with amazing views and we had dinner in the cave which was spectacular. Unfortunately since I was on maid of honor duty my friend was on photo duty so I don’t have photos for your now, those will be coming hopefully next week, but what I have today are cake photos, as you see above! The cake was a three tier, two layers of chocolate and one vanilla with raspberry filling, frosted with a swiss buttercream. The peony is for Kara and the Texas Ranger’s T is for John, something for both of them. I made the cakes on Thursday night and froze them and frosted the cake Saturday morning and gave it to the caterer so I could focus on the wedding day which was Sunday.

Below you will see the process for the cake. I made the fondant pieces a week before then carried them with me so I didn’t have to take the time to make them there. It was an awesome experience and I loved making this for them!

Cake recipes from Smitten Kitchen

Vanilla buttermilk Cake and Chocolate Butter Cake

Swiss buttercream frosting






Letting the fondant dry in the wine glass cabinet.


The stove I had for cooking! It was awesome!






Making the frosting




Rehearsal dinner.


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