Milan 24 Hours Go!


While looking through old pictures this week I came across a few from a trip to Milan. I realized I never shared this story and it’s a real “pilot’s daughter” story because it is a trip I went on with my dad while he was working. While he was flying the plane my sister and I were enjoying the joys of Business Elite.

It was during Thanksgiving so I was a little bummed to miss the big day of cooking but I decided Milan was worth it—and it was. We started with a day in New York City where we walked around eating and shopping. I of course had a list of a few restaurants I had heard about and wanted to try. Though there was a list I only dragged them across the city to one spot, and it was definitely worth it. We had our afternoon snack of a lobster roll at Luke’s Lobster in the East Village. It was amazing to say the least. Perfect roll that let the lobster shine and not be drenched in mayo.

We then headed back towards our hotel, stopped to eat again at a Mexican restaurant, then made it finally back to the hotel to get our stuff and head to the airport. Luckily Kylie and I both got on and in first! We wined and dined while dad worked away and then he safely landed us in Milan.

We had 24 hours total so we had to get straight to business. We rented a car and head to Lake Como. We spent the morning walking around the beautiful area and of course, ate and drank. What else are you supposed to do in Italy?!





Squid Ink Pasta!

We came back to the city and got settled into our hotel and got ready for dinner. We found a cute restaurant near the Duomo and once again enjoyed a fabulous Italian meal filled with pasta and pizza. After dinner we walked over to La Scala and enjoyed the beautiful cities nightlights.




The next day at the airport there was only on seat left for one of us to get first so I let Kylie take it. What can I say I’m a good sister. My dad was nice enough though to send some of the ice cream back to me.




That was a pretty typical experience and time frame when I go on a work trip with my dad. Though it’s quick and to the point it’s pretty fabulous. I will have to look at my dads schedule for next month…

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Checks and Balance


As I sat at my nine to five desk today, I felt a twinge of pain when I looked at my phone at  4:23 pm and read a text.  At 4:22 pm I received a text from my friend Becky that said, “330 to tel aviv.” Becky and three of my other friends were on their way on a A330 aircraft, to decipher for you, to Tel Aviv Israel. I responded with I wish I could go and knew that I had to work instead.

After I read that I sat there continuing to work and it sunk in, this is real life.  I’ve bounced around a lot in the past year and have been fortunate enough to be unemployed in between and been able to travel and basically have whatever schedule I want. And of course the flight benefits were the best.  As I thought about this I felt a moment of, I wish I was unemployed.  How wrong is that?  I wished for the time again when I could just jump on a plane with my friend Becky, or visit people, whenever I wanted.  Once again I was hit with the reality of life.  I started to weigh the pros and cons.  Thinking about this I realized life really is about balance.  I’ve lived the past year in this la la land where I was extremely fortunate to be able to accept internships where I worked for free, find jobs that work with my unpaid jobs and the best part, have about a month off in between. So as I sat there at my nine to five job I was able to think for a second that it was ok. I am so fortunate to have lived the easy life and be able to find a job. I sat there and thought about my year of fun and all my past college years of living on a spontaneous life plan. I thought back to all the moments I had experienced and tried to think of moments I had missed.  None stood out and I realized that was all that mattered.  I took those moments when I could and now I’m going to work hard to play hard again to.  It’s all about the checks and balance.

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